Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flight 300/6-APB/Benzo Fury - Experience & Review

Flight 300 / Benzo Fury / 6-APB

My decision to test 6-APB completely accidental, even though I have always been curious of it. It started just today with my buddy and I walking down to a local headshop. We ran across what someone who referenced Flight300 Capsules as "synthetic E", and since I'd experimented before with multiple, "Research Chemicals", in the past I knew it would be worth the $24.00 I spent on 100mg split between two orangish-white capsules. The capsules felt very soft and had no indentations or marks. We decided after leaving the headshop to split the two capsules and go for a nice roll. I put my capsule underneath my tongue so as to get maximum absorption on my gums, at this time I'd no idea what I was dealing with. It tasted very chemically, sort of like molly, and was textured much like chalk from the binder. First effects I made a mental note of was slight stimulation and moodlift, which made half the walk pretty easy to get through. However the other half I was constantly out of breath and stumbling all over the place.

We got back at about 1:30 hrs into the experience and around 2:00 hrs started to plateau. It was really nice, felt a lot like MDMA but was more relaxed. It produced a pretty decent euphoric body buzz and also had empathetic properties similar to MDMA (my buddy really opened up to me alot). We smoked cannabis around 2:30 hrs and it boosted the high significantly. Mind felt very opened and organized, slightly psychedelic feel to it with very, very minor hard to see visualizations. Music seemed to sound slightly nicer, like but not as nice as with MDMA. It felt really nice to just talk about different topics on your mind, not to mention it's like 100% easier to focus on what your saying to someone while your rolling imo.

Crash started around 4 hrs and forty-five minutes and was dreadful. Had a strong urge to redose, but no possible way of doing so. Body feels horrible with flu like symptoms, dont wanna move, life sucks right now. Smoked cannabis and drank a lot of water. Noticed my heart beating like x2 faster than normal, and similar if not worse that a MDMA come-down. Still feel shitty, it's 4 am and my body temperature is fluctuating a lot, and I just have a general feeling of malise. Wish I could sleep, but, it's not working in my favor.

Overall: I really enjoyed the experience a lot despite the crash. I think next time I go to the headshop I will pick up Flight 300 again, as well as Kratom for the down come of 6-APB, since it's quite a horrible feeling. Depending on the circumstances I hope to purchase a two pack of Flight 300 and two Kratom Capsules. I would give this a 7/10 on scale of comparing it to real MDMA.

- Hypnotic

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  1. Flight300 ripped me off $2500  i own a store and was a customer they had a 100% Guarantee they have since decided not to honor and they also asked me yo send my order back saying theyd honor the refund but didnt and have stolen that. i have proof so please contact me if any questions.